This project explores isomorphism between small and large paper-folded objects. I intended that the user naturally recognizes the link between them by their identical shapes. When a user holds and rotates the small one, there is an interactive movie mapped into the big one. These patterns are changeable based on the user's gestures. The interaction happening here is similar to VJing with tangible objects.

The shape of objects came from a process of exploring and understanding the geometry of paper folded without predetermined forms. I made various shapes and forms within the limitations of tabloid size paper, but I often did not know how I arrived at the results. While practicing, I was strongly intrigued by how paper gained mass when folded. I then began to use fewer sheets of papers to create an enclosed shape.

Computer graphics enable designers to generate fascinating outcomes in a very short period, but we are losing the specificity and precision of older generation designers working in traditional media. Through this experience, I learned how to merge traditional and digital mediums using projection mapping, which connected users' behaviors with the paper installation.

Finding Form
Projection Mapping